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Algorithms Development

Randomization of data for a collection cards album

One of the most beautiful project Yahalom has been constantly developing in the last 8 years is a very special mechanism, based on a very sophisticated algorithm to randomize data of images, used in labels for collection album.

The algorithm ensures best results in spreading different images in different rates across the packages sold by the distributor, while allowing equal chance of collecting all the required collections cards, anywhere while preventing duplicates in many levels of the distribution.

Radndomization of data for various products

Many of Yahalom's clients need a specific type of unique codes for merchandise.

We create special algorithms to allow usage of numeric / alpha-numeric data of any type, size and distribution

From commodity products with lottery for prizes to labels that need to be authenticated against database and be marked as "used", Yahalom has created hundreds of tailor made systems for our clients.


Postal labels and tags

We have been creating many algorithms to generate databases for postal services using the USPS special check number mechanism, while ensuring uniqueness of data where needed, serialization,  randomization and re-occurrence data when needed.


Data Generators

Further then creating databases, we specialize in creating the generators that will create databases for our clients.

Most systems are built on VB.NET, C#, Python and VBA, and using local, network or cloud databases allowing perfect usage of the data everywhere.

The generators often allow appending data to existing projects / pools of data, while keeping uniqueness where needed

The applications give full statistics of creation, distribution, usage and availability of every aspect of the data created.


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