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Embedded devices projects

Temerature monitor and alert

This simple but important devices is constantly monitoring the temperature of a refrigerator.

If the temperature is going above max limit or below min limit, it triggers a silent alarm and a phone call to a recipient.

The triggers remains up as long the temperature is beyond the limits to prevent continuous phone calls, once the temperature gets in the limits, the trigger clear and back to idle.

Currency reader

This US dollar Authentication miniature device was proved to be 100% safe and impossible to override.

Sold widely at Amazon.


Smart Home 

Many of the controllers we are building are classified under the "Smart Home" category, gaining more and more power in the last years.

But, while smart-home is based on a wizard and a predefined hardware specification for each use, Yahalom, using Microchip micro-controllers achieves full flexibility in selecting the resources and electric components of a device , which allows perfect predefined solution.

From control over air-condition / shutters / light / doors and any other need the client may have , we can control everything, automatically or controlled my a mobile application through the internet or Bluetooth.


Classified and confidential projects

Unfortunately (and luckily) most of this type of projects, built by Yahalom, are strictly confidential and most of the times even the end user of the product does not know exactly what it does.

In order to keep our clients and associates best interest, details about such products are not specified, here is a sample

Online optical fault indentifier (classified)

In association with one of Yahalom's clients, we have built a device, authenticating an object with highly sophisticated optical and electronic mechanism to ensure a specific part of a sign.

A very complex and smart procedure is running as fast as ~50 times per second (max 20 ms), and sending an alert if the sign it is looking for was not found.

To be installed soon in a production floor of a huge industrial corporation.





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