Mobile Applications

Quality verifier

This application, running on both IOS and Android, designed and built with Flutter, was built for a client , to communicate with an electronic device and give realtime quality results.

the combination of database in the cloud, local database on the device , full-duplex Bluetooth communication and few sophisticated algorithms allow full functionality and control over the data and the configurations



a full featured secure and encrypted messenger, with cloud based database, user registration and archive


IT/Sys Wiki

A wiki web-site for a group of IT pros, developed to allow Brain-Dumps and collection of useful information of the members of the group.

proudly hosted by Yahalom


Full Stack Developer course

This special web-site was built while taking a course by Go-Code.

In order to keep the visitor in the study process, the web-site was built step-by-step through the process of the course and designed only with tools previously demonstrated.


DJ's Home page

This highly artistic, interactive and full of sounds and colors single page web-site was built for a DJ who specializes in old music.

The first minute impression rule led to build something that will pop into the eyes of the visitor with no navigation needed.