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YMT - Yahalom Monitoring Tool

This new application, launched at Feb. 2021 is a monitoring tool for Windows.

It is designed to be very simple to install, implement and use.

No sophisticated settings,  no assisting background systems needed, no database or web service needed.

A very lightweight application, with all you need, built-in and running within few minutes.


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This is the Russian version of YMS, re-designed to apply to all Russian federation tax authorities standards,

RYMS is designed to work as a multilingual system, with English and Russian user interface and forms created.

Anything a small Russian personal business (ИП) needs in order to manage the relationship with clients and suppliers.

Working with Packing lists, Proformas and Invoices with all the nuances of the Russian rules and standards, in multiple currencies.

The forms engine is fully customizable, official stamp and Signature of any size and shape can be embedded to the forms created by the application.


HBMS - Home Birth Management system

This application was built for a Home-Birth organization members.

Dozens of nurses, each working in her own system, collecting Deliveries information for statistics.

This Windows application is working with a Cloud-based Database, with maximum security among the members, while some data is public and some private.



A windows based application to manage, schedule and monitor all the aspects of running a tour agency.

Allowing interaction with client and automatic creation of orders to all the accompanying suppliers of services.

This application was built to simplify a very complicated process of creating tours of different types of clients, using different types of services, including transportation, accommodations, security, excursions and more.


Inventory Management

A commutative application to manage the inventory, stock count, accounting and stock movements,

A multi layer inventory system with FIFO, kits and other tools, with cross platform application for mobility for certain aspects of the day to day activity.

the application allows full control of user access to different parts of the application.

This application is working in the LAN with local MySQL database and running from a network location, with .NET framework



YCDM - Yahalom Car Dispatch System

This application was build for a Limousine rental company to help track the activity of the company.

A 3 dimensional activity of assignment of drivers to cars to clients, with collection of each client preference of a car and a driver and automatic shifting of assignments to future jobs.

Automatic collection of data from a client after a service, through a web-form into the application makes the application smarter with every new job.



This application is designed to help a small company to run all the activity of purchase , sales, invoices , packing lists and reports to keep track of the activity of the company.

with a strict flow of activity starting from quote through the job details, invoice, payment notifications and receipts covers all the processes needed to keep track of the activity.

the assets management module allows to monitor levels of stock and to create automatic reports for purchase.


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