My Amazon First Experience

After many years, buying items from eBay and Ali Express, I have finally decided to sign up for Amazon and make my first ever purchase.

It’s not Chinese“, “It’s the biggest and best“, “You will have a great Experience” and more were the comments of my friends when I asked what it is good for.

So I found a good price for something I was looking for, A 10TB Western Digital External hard-drive for a really good price, and ordered it.

Created my account, logged in through my phone and placed the order.

Waiting for 5 days to see the purchase on my credit card, a shipment of the item to me, and nothing. I kept thinking: “they will make the transaction when they ship it to me, 7 days from the order” as the purchase said.

5 days have gone by, and I start to see comments from other friends who bought it, saying “Got an email……It was cancelled….. got a 20$ coupon….. Price error…. they can do it…… they cannot do it…..” etc etc

And then, one evening, looking at my Amazon app, I notice that the order has just disappeared, “It was coming” I think to myself, “But where’s the notification, is there really a $20 coupon?”

So I contact customer service through the app, and than it get interesting…..

1st. Rep (Sat. evening):
I explain what happened and simply ask why I did not get my Coupon
Can you provide an account of someone who got the coupon?
I am checking with someone, get his Email address, but by the time I jump back to the app , the rep. is gone…….
I’m not giving up and contacting them again…..

2nd. Rep. (Sat. Evening):
I explain the history again (like he cannot read it from the correspondence history) Explain my expectations: “to buy it again in the same price“, negotiating with the rep. for 45 minutes and by the end of the chat I have answers, strange but still……..

You need to wait 2 more days for the price to be adjusted…..
Please contact us in 2 days and you will get a refund for the price difference between the original price and the price shown in the website and that time…..
I play stupid and ask:
Will I be able to purchase it again for the original price I ordered it for (mentioning $80us)
– “Yes
– “Will i actually get a refund of the ‘Delta’?
– “Yes
– “Will the rep. answering me in 2 days be able to read this correspondence?
– “Absolutely

So I wait for the magical 2 days to pass and then contacting customer service again……..

3rd Rep. (Tue morning):
I contact Alexa and ask her to read the history of my chat, she takes the time to read it and than….
– “I understand the order was cancelled, and you want to purchase it again
– “Correct
(rep.) – “Can you tell me the price of the item right now?
(me) – “$204 US
– “And you bought it for $80 US
– “Correct
– “I can see that the price difference is $124 US, Is that correct?
(checking my math abilities….)
– “Correct
– “Does the previous rep. promised you that you will get the price difference?
– “He did, as I’m sure you can see yourself
– “I’ll connect you over to the right team who can handle this scenario, Rest assure they will be in the best position to help you with this.”

Well, My case is being escalated, I think to my self, it can be bad….. I think while waiting.

4th Rep. (Tue. morning):
(me) – “Hi , I was forwarded to you for assistance about my case
(Johnson- the Rep.) – “please let me go through the history
…I’m waiting, he’s got a lot of reading to do……
after some 10 minuted he writes to me:
– “I’m sorry, Amazon does not handle price change, hope you understand
– “No, I do not, what price change? i ordered, it was cancelled, i was promised I can but it for the original price, and forwarded to you by Alexa for help.
– “Let me check it on my end.
5 more minutes and then, he again:
As I said, Amazon cannot guarantee a price changes.
(me) – “I do not understand, I contacted Amazon 3 days ago with a very simple question, regarding the coupon other people with the same scenario have received, and you are pulling me through my nose for 3 days , while the time I spent on this issue worth 3 times the price of the item just to end up with a template answer?
You Think this was interesting? read this……
(rep) – “According to my records, none of the clients of this item received a coupon for canceling this order, due to a price error
(me) – “So you are saying that all the people saying they got a $20 US lie to me and there’s actually no compensation, no coupon whatsoever for this cancelled order”
(rep) – “Correct

Bottom Line:

  • Is it really possible that I have fallen between the cracks in such a huge organisation?
  • Although I really wanted the HDD, I understand there was a mistake and don’t care about the 20$ coupon, but shouldn’t the reps be more consistent?
  • I’ve heard suggestions like” “keep on”, “escalate”, “speak with a manager” and also “don’t be an asshole”, “childish”, but me? just seeking an answer.

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