Many of the fields we specialize in are not related with other main business but can be an advantage for your business. We will be able to integrate any solution we will build for you with the below fields of computing we are specializing in. Yahalom is not running these kind of projects ad-hoc but will definitely be able to integrate any of the below with a project built for you.


Yahalom SynSign

Yahalom Synsign is a Digital signage system for Synagogues, specially optimized for Synagogues with Russian and English speaking audience.

SynSign is a modular platform, consisting of dozens of modules and with numerous predefined templates.

Most common modules are:

  • Memorial Candle (Ner-Neshama): single or multiple objects with static or changing names.
  • Jewish calendar: with all important dates, Shabat and holidays times , Candles and Havdala, Parashat Hashabua etc.
  • Hebrew date: in Hebrew , English and Russian
  • Events: Changing module with configurable changing data.
  • Announcements: Changing module with configurable changing data.
  • Prayers times: Configurable Prayers time - up to 5 different times
  • Sunrise ,  Sunset & all HALAKHA times.
  • Weather , Clock, Logo, Video, Web-site, Images etc.

Easy and secure administration platform for "Shliakh Tzibur", with a predefined container for each configurable object.

Smart scheduling for multiple layouts on a single screen , changing according to configurable time table.

All wrapped in a Content management server that can serve multiple screens and platforms.

Yahalom Software builds the environment end-to-end, including the hardware, software, license design and configuration.

See sample videos of the platform:

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Sample Presentations:

Cad services

If your business needs a blueprint of a machine/device/structure you develop or using, and it needs in someway to integrate it with any of your computing system, Yahalom can create the print itself and full integration with your computing system, designed and built by Yahalom or not. We will bring all the experience and expertise we have in this field to help you fix the edges of the project.


3D animation


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