IT / System Solutions

Yahalom provides services for a wide range of customers, starting from SOHO companies with 5-10 users, a local server and a cloud service, to large organizations, with hundreds of computers, multiple Hypervisors, storage systems, security and backup solutions. Yahalom can build | maintain | support | upgrade | migrate your system infrastructure exactly according to your needs, ideas and budget. Below are the detailed information of all the services offered by Yahalom.


This is the era of virtual computing. its been many years since a company needed to purchase a server for every purpose or to merge different solutions in the environment in a single hardware to save money / power / room.

These days, the system infrastructure is made of "Hypervisors/Hosts" - Powerful hardware, hosting all the servers in the environment aka "Virtual Machines" and supplying the needed storage space, processing abilities and internal memory. Yahalom has build dozens of virtual environments, from an entry level server with 3 virtual machine to huge multi-site systems with 100's of virtual machines, multiple storage systems, backups, and all accompanying resources.


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Cloud computing

"Services are running in the cloud" | "Organizations are moving the assets to the cloud". these buzzwords hide a whole new concept of computing, taking larger and more important role in computing with every day going by, Instead of running your systems "on-premise", organizations are moving computing assets to other places, full accessed over the internet, with ultimate flexibility and potentially unlimited resources. Starting from Office365, and Gmail business through cloud based applications available for rent all the way to Microsoft "Azure", Amazon AWS and Google GCP, not far are the days that we will have no servers in our organization.

With wide experience in cloud computing for any size of environment, Yahalom will take you to the cloud, promising secure, smooth and fast transition.


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System administration

With 20 years of experience with almost every operating system ever created, Yahalom can help you create anything you may wish From Microsoft Operating Systems and suits, through Apple's MAC computers to all Unix / Linux systems of any type, Yahalom has built, maintained, arranged and fixed them all. We can build for you the perfect solution, exactly to your needs, according to your budget, for your home, office or between.

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Beyond the above areas of expertise, we support all the accompanying solutions to create a complete environment according to your needs

Yahalom is working with the best vendors of Storage Systems, backup, security solutions, adjusted and implemented for you , exactly according to your size and needs.

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Network infrastructure

With experience of tens of thousands of network cables installed, from a home network to a 700 computers and end-users in a single site, Yahalom have done almost every type of infrastructure project. Determining the right type of passive infrastructure (copper or fiber) with the best and most effective active network hardware (switches, routers, access points etc.) is crucial for best performance of the network, according to every client's nature of work. The right end-to-end solution in all layers of the infrastructure will avoid bottlenecks and connectivity problems.

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