Cloud Computing

AWS - Amazon Web Services

The biggest cloud computing provider with variance of solutions and  licensing methods.

From Small offices to the largest enterprises in the world are using AWS to host their servers and applications.

Amazon, with VMware and without it , is dominating the cloud based computing industry.



Microsoft AZURE

With full compatibility with Microsoft's methodology, easy to migrate tools, and absolute integration with any system, Azure is one of the main players in cloud computing industry.

GCP - Google Cloud Platform

Google, with its services arriving to every electronic device, and as one of the biggest enterprises in the world, offers it's cloud platform to create and migrate every environment to the cloud.



Microsoft Office 365

Most of the people hearing for the first time about Office 365, may consider it as Microsoft's cloud based E-mail solution.

But Office 365 is actually a whole new perception of licensing from Microsoft, bringing the well known Office suit to the cloud - completely online and mobile.

In constantly increasing rate, companies are leaving on-premise mail systems and moving to Office 365  suit.