Network Infrastructure

Network passive infrastructure

Selecting the right type of network cables, sockets, patch panels connectors and even jumpers with tagging and colorful cables will not only make the infrastructure nice and clean but will ensure maximum efficiency of the network and easy troubleshooting of any problem in the network.


Network switches

Installation of the right hardware, creating the connectivity between all the devices and manageability of the different ends is an important layer of making smooth work and allows to differ between different levels of service required by different types of devices in your organization.

Yahalom Will usually prefer HP Aruba or Cisco

Network routing

For Complicated environments, it is very important to isolate certain regions of the network, for security and efficiency.

Yahalom usually works with Cisco routers to create secure tunnels over the WAN between branch offices or the organization.


Wireless access points

Every environment requires wireless access of mobile devices to the network, with authentication and encryption.

With experience in connecting hundreds of wireless devices to dozens of AP's in a single zone with wireless roaming, Yahalom will create for your network the perfect wireless access hive.