Storage systems

Everyone need storage space.

From a 2 Hard-Drive NAS server for docs or photos to a large scale storage for full virtual environment and backups.

Yahalom is working with the biggest vendors of storage systems like: NetApp, EMC, HP, Dell, Qnap and more to ensure the best solution for your needs



Firewall / Network security

Protecting against the threats in the web is the most important issue in assuring business continuation and safety of data.

Yahalom specializes in securing your system with proactive security solutions from the biggest vendors like Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet and other to keep the intruders out.

Backup solutions

Efficient backup ensures quick resurrection from any problem, damage or attack.

Combination of on-site, cloud and off-site backup will ensure your organization with recover quickly from any problem.

Yahalom will create the perfect backup solution for your system so you can focus in your business and be safe of data loss.