System Administration


Any brand, any type, for any purpose.

Yahalom is working with, installing, maintaining and upgrading all kinds of servers, for any need,

  • Microsoft WindowsServer 2003 to 2019
  • Mac OS server up to 5.8 (Mojave)
  • Linux of any distro (RHEL, Ubuntu etc.)

To create the best central management for your environment.


Microsoft Windows and Office

Highest level of support of any version of windows (Win95 to Windows10) and office Suits from 2003 to 2019 including programming in various tools of office line Access and Excel VBA.

Full integration with any system environment and need at any scale and  experience of thousands of installations.

Apple MAC

Yahalom supply fill suppoer of MacOSx computing including integration with Windows/Linux server.

With many years of experience with Mac, we can answer any need, including xCode programming and graphics suites from Adobe and other.



GNU - Linux / Unix

With many years of experience in supporting complicated systems and installation of hundreds of systems, from all distros, we support Ununtu, RedHat, Solaris, Kali, Fedora, FreeBSD and more including suits of web-servers, database servers and other important tools.