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Microsoft CSP reseller

Yahalom Software is an authorized:
  • MPN - Microsoft Partner Network
  • CSP   - Cloud Services Provider
Registered Reseller of :
  • All Windows Server / Desktop OS
  • Office365 Packages (including mail)
  • Azure cloud computing services.

IT / System

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Administration
  • Peripherals
  • Network Infrastructure

Software Development

  • Windows Applications
  • Web Development
  • Embedded Programming
  • Mobile Applications
  • Algorithms Development

Other Services

Welcome to Yahalom Software and internet web-site, here you can find all the services Yahalom can supply to your business, from software solutions for almost every need you may have, in almost any environment, To cumulative IT services to your environment.

With offices in Russia and in Israel, developers wide range of programming languages and highest level of IT Pros, We will assemble the best solution for your business, starting from the network infrastructure of your facility, through the computing hardware, and network services, all the way to the best tailor-made software solution for you business.

Yahalom Software is an authorized Microsoft Partner (MPN) and certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in the Russian Federation, offering licensing services for any Software solution by Microsoft.

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We are Yahalom Software and Internet.

A Software and IT company with offices in Israel and Russia.....


IT / System

Any solution , for any size of organization , of any type,
From networking and servers to Virtualization and Cloud computing......



Yahalom can create for you a tailor made software solution for your business, using various programming languages for any platform and for any need.......


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