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These are the services and the solutions we provide to our customers

Software Development

Yahalom can create for you a tailor made software solution for your business, in various programming languages for unlimited purposes and for almost any environment. Using the newest technologies and development tools, we can combine multiple solutions implemented on your servers , in the cloud, in mobile devices and with miniature programmable devices, to achieve full control of any aspect of your environment, Yahalom's ability to develop for you

Windows Development

Tailor made solution for your company, for any purpose, exactly according to your needs and your inspirations

Web Development

Web site or web application, integrated with your existing solution or as a stand alone project on your browser, everywhere.

Mobile applications

any solution for any need, for iPhone and Android, with the newest development tools.

HW / Embedded programming

Hardware engineering and embedded programming are all about the real world, beyond the boundaries of the computer, In this project , we are building devices and machines to work with the Internet of things (IoT), with the Smart-Home and actually with anything working with battery, We specialize in Bluetooth communication between devices, with sound, optical and temperature sensors, with lights, motors, wheels and gear.

Below are some of the latest (and most favorite) projects Yahalom has built for the clients, Some of the project born as a specific request from a client and some built when we decided there's a need somewhere, see the legend and the icons in the bottom of each project region, press the link in the bottom for the projects' pages.

IT/System Solutions

Yahalom provides services for a wide range of customers, starting from small companies with 5-10 users, a local server and a cloud service, to large organizations, with hundreds of computers, multiple Hypervisors, storage systems, security and backup solutions. Yahalom can build | maintain | support | upgrade | migrate your system infrastructure exactly according to your needs, ideas and budget. Below are the detailed information of all the services offered by Yahalom.



Tailor made solution for your company, for any purpose, exactly according to your needs and your inspirations




Cloud Computing

Tailor made solution for your company, for any purpose, exactly according to your needs and your inspirations





System Administration

Tailor made solution for your company, for any purpose, exactly according to your needs and your inspirations

Other projects

Special projects created by Yahalom to supply out clients special needs, This kind of project may sometime combine all the above abilities in one solution and sometime in entirely different field of interest.

Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP)


Yahalom Software is a certified member in MPN - Microsoft Partner Network and registered as a certified reseller of  Microsoft Cloud Services (CSP) in the Russian Federation.

We can supply any type of license from Microsoft for your business:

  • Licenses to workstations (all types of home and business operating systems)
  • Servers licenses (Windows server, SQL, Exchange server, etc.) and Client access licenses (CALs)
  • Cloud based services like Office 365 and Azure cloud computing.

Contact us and we will find the best solution for your needs.


Sample development projects

Below are some of the projects we have created for our clients / for Yahalom.

Some of the projects are built and running on multiple platforms, the icons under every application shows the supported platforms, the highlighted icon shows the actual platform the described project is working on.

for more details on a project , click the "To the product page" link.

Windows Web Android iPhone Analytics Embedded / IOT


Soon in the stores.....

MeSyMa is the comprehensive social network solution, dedicated to Synagogues

For more information see:





Ofek's Cocktails

End-To-End solution for Bartenders,

From ingredients,

Through cocktails creator.

All the way to events planner.

All-in one mobile application for the advanced bartender and his clients.

To The app page (In Hebrew)



International Money trasfer service

Coming soon.......










Coming soon........











Yahalom's Visitors' Management System

The application handles arrival and leave of visitors to your company/factory.

On Arrival presents a set of instructions, and upon approval prints a Visitor Label.

On Leave allows the visitor to report exit.

Including embedded management and reporting system.

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לדף האפליקציה, בעברית

YMES final


Yahalom's Production Floor management system

A comprehensive MES system including a controller, specially pre0designed, built by Yahalom Software, to connect to up to 8 machines in the production floor, collects and displays real-time information and reports, including cross-machines relationship.

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YRSC - Yahalom Rolls Sizes Calculator

YRSC is a very simple and efficient calculator to help determine all information needed about rolls calculating:

  • Roll Size to Length
  • Roll Length to est. Size
  • Quanitity of labels to sizes
  • Size or roll to quantity of labels.

Including saved calculation and sharing.

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Yahalom Synsign

A digital sygnage for synagogues with Russian / German speaking audience.

Contains predefined, automatically updating and customizable regions.

Many themes for different uses.

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Yahalom Mobile Assistant for Xibo CMS.

This Android/iPhone application is used as an agent for Xibo CMS and allows to handle all the design and structure aspects of Xibo CMS

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Inventory Management

Inventory management tool for any size of company, Including stock count, FIFO, Value, stock levels and many other modules to handle any the storage of any type of company.

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Quality Verifier

This Android/iPhone application, designed and built with Flutter, was built for a client , to communicate with an electronic device and give real-time quality results.

The combination of database in the cloud, local database on the device , full-duplex Bluetooth communication and few sophisticated algorithms allow full functionality and control over the data and the configurations.

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Yahalom Monitoring Tool

This is a simple but efficient monitoring tool for computer running Windows,
YMT is monitoring different types of resources, in the local network or in the web and collects downtime information to an internal database.

Lightweight, very simple to install, implement and use in every environment.

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Inventory Mobile

Android / iPhone mobile assistant for Yahalom's Inventory windows app,
Allows to use the mobile phone's camera as a barcode scanner for stock count process, to create transactions using the camera with a redesigned transaction form, includes various reports created in a mobile friendly layout.

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Color Barcode Scanner

This Android/iPhone app is part of a very special project, the app was was created to support a unique technology of Color Barcode generation and verification.

Working with database in the cloud, the application can validate the barcode with an invisible mark in the barcode and authenticate the product the barcode is printed on.

Most of the details of this project are strictly confidential and cannot be presented.

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Home Birth Management System

This Windows application was built for a Home-Birth organization members.

Dozens of nurses, each working in her own system, collecting Deliveries information for statistics.

This Windows application is working with a Cloud-based Database, with maximum security among the members, while some data is public and some private.

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Crypto Convertor

This Android/iPhone application is collecting information of 6 leading crypto currencies and showing their current value in 28 different "regular" currencies, each can be updated manually while running the application by simply clicking it.

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This Windows application was build for a Limousine rental company to help track the activity of the company.

A 3 dimensional activity of assignment of drivers to cars to clients, with collection of each client preference of a car and a driver and automatic shifting of assignments to future jobs.

Automatic collection of data from a client after a service, through a web-form into the application makes the application smarter with every new job.

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Inventory Web

Web based assistant for Yahalom Inventory system, allowing to handle some crucial actions on the go, including a built in reporting tool and barcode scanner









Russian Yahalom Management system

This Windows application was built in accordance of the Russian Federation tax authorities, RYMS gives the Russian individual Enterpriser (ИП) all the tools to handle his business, including a built in CMS, invoices, proformas and create cumulative reports of the income and expenses of the business.

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A Windows based application to manage, schedule and monitor all the aspects of running a tour agency.

Allowing interaction with client and automatic creation of orders to all the accompanying suppliers of services.

This application was built to simplify a very complicated process of creating tours of different types of clients, using different types of services, including transportation, accommodations, security, excursions and more.

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Temperature monitor

This simple but important devices is constantly monitoring the temperature of a refrigerator.

If the temperature is going above max limit or below min limit, it triggers a silent alarm and a phone call to a recipient.

The triggers remains up as long the temperature is beyond the limits to prevent continuous phone calls, once the temperature gets in the limits, the trigger clear and back to idle.


DJ's home page

This highly artistic, interactive and full of sounds and colors single page web-site was built for a DJ who specializes in old music.

The first minute impression rule led to build something that will pop into the eyes of the visitor with no navigation needed.




Israeli IT pros organization

This web-site was built for the Israeli organization of IT pros.
A WordPress based web-site with members-only zone, including details of members.
A social blog where the members can post their thoughts and tutorials, with a registration form for new members and more.


Tadmit Digital

WordPress based web-site with various html5 affects (recently upgraded from the old flash based web-site).








Unfortunately most of this type of projects, built by Yahalom, are strictly confidential and most of the times even the end user of the product does not know exactly what it does.

In order to keep our clients and associates best interest, details about such products are not specified.


IT/Sys Wiki

A wiki web-site for a group of IT pros, developed to allow Brain-Dumps and collection of useful information of the members of the group.

proudly hosted by Yahalom

To the Wiki



Your Idea / Your App!

Projects are what we do.

In Yahalom, requests keep coming, ideas born and dreams constantly fulfilled .

Do you have one ? contact us and your app may be here in the future.



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