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Welcome to Yahalom Software and internet web-site, here you can find all the services Yahalom can supply to your business, from software solutions for almost every need you may have, in almost any environment, To cumulative IT services to your environment.

With offices in Russia and in Israel, developers wide range of programming languages and highest level of IT Pros, We will assemble the best solution for your business, starting from the network infrastructure of your facility, through the computing hardware, and network services, all the way to the best tailor-made software solution for you business.

Yahalom Software is an authorized Microsoft Partner(MPN) and certified Cloud Solution Provider(CSP) in the Russian Federation offering licensing services for any Software solution by Microsoft.

Microsoft CSP reseller

Yahalom Software is an authorized:
  • MPN - Microsoft Partner Network
  • CSP   - Cloud Services Provider
Registered Reseller of :
  • All Windows Server / Desktop OS
  • Office365 Packages (including mail)
  • Azure cloud computing services.

IT / System

  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Administration
  • Peripherals
  • Network Infrastructure

Software Development

  • Windows Applications
  • Web Development
  • Embedded Programming
  • Mobile Applications
  • Algorithms Development

Other Services

About Yahalom Software

Yahalom was initially established as a code name of a cooperation between various IT Professionals in 2008 and officially established in 2017 and registered as a private company in Israel and afterwards in Russia.

Yahalom is a very special company, specializing in a wide range of professions in IT worlds.

Yahalom's main business is Software solutions, of wide variety and disciplines, but also acts as an integrator for many projects in IT and System world.

With Offices in:

  • Moscow / Russia

and in

  • Zikhron-Yaakov / Israel

Yahalom has the ability to assign the best manpower for your project, wherever it may be, whatever it may need.

The deep understanding of the needs of out clients, the work methods and preferences of the different markets, allow us to adjust the solution not only to the nature of the work, but also to the habits of the people using it.

Our experience and solutions we have implemented in wide range of disciplines like:

Hi-tech | Heavy Industry | Car Industry | Law Offices | Tourist Agencies | Insurance Companies | Construction Industry | It Support | Printing Industry | Security and more, give us the ability to create the exact solution to your needs.

In a world and industry constantly re-inventing themselves, Our most important asset is probably the chain of professionals we are collaborating with, to enrich our solution, exactly to your desire, we will collect the best forces, where needed, to achieve the best and most efficient solution based on out client's wildest dreams (in IT of course....)

In this web-site you can find our profile, fields of interest and samples of projects we have created.

Do not hasitate to contact us for any question / inquiry / idea or help you may need:

or any other way
and we will do our best to assist.


IT / System Solutions

Yahalom provides services for a wide range of customers, starting from SOHO companies with 5-10 users, a local server and a cloud service, to large organizations, with hundreds of computers, multiple Hypervisors, storage systems, security and backup solutions. Yahalom can build | maintain | support | upgrade | migrate your system infrastructure exactly according to your needs, ideas and budget. Below are the detailed information of all the services offered by Yahalom.


This is the era of virtual computing. its been many years since a company needed to purchase a server for every purpose or to merge different solutions in the environment in a single hardware to save money / power / room.

These days, the system infrastructure is made of "Hypervisors/Hosts" - Powerful hardware, hosting all the servers in the environment aka "Virtual Machines" and supplying the needed storage space, processing abilities and internal memory. Yahalom has build dozens of virtual environments, from an entry level server with 3 virtual machine to huge multi-site systems with 100's of virtual machines, multiple storage systems, backups, and all accompanying resources.


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Cloud computing

"Services are running in the cloud" |"Organizations are moving the assets to the cloud". these buzzwords hide a whole new concept of computing, taking larger and more important role in computing with every day going by, Instead of running your systems "on-premise", organizations are moving computing assets to other places, full accessed over the internet, with ultimate flexibility and potentially unlimited resources. Starting from Office365, and G-Suite through cloud based applications available for rent all the way to Microsoft "Azure", Amazon AWS and Google GCP, not far are the days that we will have no servers in our organization.

With wide experience in cloud computing for any size of environment, Yahalom will take you to the cloud, promising secure, smooth and fast transition.


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System administration

With 20 years of experience with almost every operating system ever created, Yahalom can help you create anything you may wish From Microsoft Operating Systems and suits, through Apple's MAC computers to all Unix / Linux systems of any type, Yahalom has built, maintained, arranged and fixed them all. We can build for you the perfect solution, exactly to your needs, according to your budget, for your home, office or between.

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Beyond the above areas of expertise, we support all the accompanying solutions to create a complete environment according to your needs

Yahalom is working with the best vendors of Storage Systems, backup, security solutions, adjusted and implemented for you , exactly according to your size and needs.

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Network infrastructure

With experience of tens of thousands of network cables installed, from a home network to a 700 computers and end-users in a single site, Yahalom have done almost every type of infrastructure project. Determining the right type of passive infrastructure (copper or fiber) with the best and most effective active network hardware (switches, routers, access points etc.) is crucial for best performance of the network, according to every client's nature of work. The right end-to-end solution in all layers of the infrastructure will avoid bottlenecks and connectivity problems.

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Software Development Services

Yahalom can create for you a tailor made software solution for your business, in various programming languages for unlimited purposes and for almost any environment. Using the newest technologies and development tools, we can combine multiple solutions implemented on your servers , in the cloud, in mobile devices and with miniature programmable devices, to achieve full control of any aspect of your environment, Yahalom's ability to develop for you

  • Windows Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Development

  • Microprocessors and Embedded devices

and other solutions beyond, promises we can create comprehensive and complete solution designed exactly to your needs.

Windows application

Every possible solution you may need for your business, including data driven applications and integration with every ERP/CMS you may have, to provide full control over your business, from small offices to large enterprises, Yahalom has already built dozens of applications for: 

Tour agencies | Lawyers' offices | Rental companies | IT companies | Truck manufacturers | Construction companies | Print-shops | Storage places | Insurance agencies | Maintenance centers and many more.......

Sample projects


Mobile applications

In a world, dominated by the mobile phones we all carry in our pocket, Mobile applications are very basic requirement for every environment. Yahalom will build for you any app for iPhone or Android, based on your business requirements, as a stand alone system or as an extension to you computer applications. Although Yahalom is not building instant massaging and other generic apps, we will be able to integrate instant massaging between your mobile phone and your computing system. With wide experience in development of Mobile applications for business uses, interacting with every system, over the network, Bluetooth and NFC  and the power of Google Flutter we will bring the abilities of your environment to your palm.

Sample Projects


Web development

In the ever changing world of web, when we all find everything we need through search engine, there's no need to explain the essence and importance of a smart/intuitive and interactive web-site Yahalom will use the newest web development technologies and Technics to create a web-site or a web application exactly to your needs, for advertisement, e-commerce, knowledge-base or other need.

Sample projects


Hardware Development & Embedded programming

When things are going beyond the frame of the computers, there is always a need to monitor and control other electric / electronic devices, from control over a Production floor machine through the need to schedule timing of air conditioning / lighting system and all the way to create pro-active actions about temperature / humidity / noise and optical preferences.

This is where Hardware development and  Embedded programming of Micro-controllers and popular mini devices like Raspberry PI and Arduino comes in hand, providing the ability to monitor / change / alert and log every possible thing. Yahalom is specializing in creating embedded solutions with Microchip and Motorola Micro-controllers and to integrate the devices with every possible end like: Serial connection / Bluetooth / LAN to any far end system.


Algorithms development

With over 10 years of experience in development of complex algorithms of data serialization and randomization.Yahalomcan add unique information to any project you may need including injection of specific well known check numbers like the USPS suffix and other predefined algorithms, to allow authentication, validation and tracking abilities. We will create the exact type of unique code according to the length, type, size and scope of data you need. wrap and arrange the data in any way needed to prepare it for print or attachment to you product or system. Special and sophisticated algorithms and data creation systems are built with their own unique software solution with different programming languages and systems like: Python | VB.NET C# Excel/VBA and more. In most cases the application will use a mediation and data collection mechanism of a database like:MS/SQL | MySql|SQliteMongoDB etc. Among many projects we have created data solution for are: Collection albums | Postal labels and tags | Tax labels |Pharmaceutical products | Tobacco products | Aviation industry

Sample Projects


Other services

Many of the fields we specialize in are not related with other main business but can be an advantage for your business. We will be able to integrate any solution we will build for you with the below fields of computing we are specializing in. Yahalom is not running these kind of projects ad-hoc but will definitely be able to integrate any of the below with a project built for you.

Yahalom SynSign

Yahalom Synsign is a Digital signage system for Synagogues, specially optimized for Synagogues with Russian and English speaking audience.

SynSign is a modular platform, consisting of dozens of modules and with numerous predefined templates.

Most common modules are:

  • Memorial Candle (Ner-Neshama): single or multiple objects with static or changing names.
  • Jewish calendar: with all important dates, Shabat and holidays times , Candles and Havdala, Parashat Hashabua etc.
  • Hebrew date: in Hebrew , English and Russian
  • Events: Changing module with configurable changing data.
  • Announcements: Changing module with configurable changing data.
  • Prayers times: Configurable Prayers time - up to 5 different times
  • Sunrise ,  Sunset & all HALAKHA times.
  • Weather , Clock, Logo, Video, Web-site, Images etc.

Easy and secure administration platform for "Shliakh Tzibur", with a predefined container for each configurable object.

Smart scheduling for multiple layouts on a single screen , changing according to configurable time table.

All wrapped in a Content management server that can serve multiple screens and platforms.

Yahalom Software builds the environment end-to-end, including the hardware, software, license design and configuration.

See sample videos of the platform:

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Sample Presentation:

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