Software Development Services

Yahalom can create for you a tailor made software solution for your business, in various programming languages for unlimited purposes and for almost any environment. Using the newest technologies and development tools, we can combine multiple solutions implemented on your servers , in the cloud, in mobile devices and with miniature programmable devices, to achieve full control of any aspect of your environment, Yahalom's ability to develop for you

  • Windows Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Development

  • Microprocessors and Embedded devices

and other solutions beyond, promises we can create comprehensive and complete solution designed exactly to your needs.

Windows application

Every possible solution you may need for your business, including data driven applications and integration with every ERP/CMS you may have, to provide full control over your business, from small offices to large enterprises, Yahalom has already built dozens of applications for: Tour agencies | Lawyers' offices | Rental companies | IT companies | Truck manufacturers | Construction companies | Print-shops | Storage places | Insurance agencies | Maintenance centers and many more.......

Sample projects


Mobile applications

In a world, dominated by the mobile phones we all carry in our pocket, Mobile applications are very basic requirement for every environment. Yahalom will build for you any app for iPhone or Android, based on your business requirements, as a stand alone system or as an extension to you computer applications. Although Yahalom is not building instant massaging and other generic apps, we will be able to integrate instant massaging between your mobile phone and your computing system. With wide experience in development of Mobile applications for business uses, interacting with every system, over the network, Bluetooth and NFC  and the power of Google Flutter we will bring the abilities of your environment to your palm.

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Web development

In the ever changing world of web, when we all find everything we need through search engine, there's no need to explain the essence and importance of a smart/intuitive and interactive web-site Yahalom will use the newest web development technologies and Technics to create a web-site or a web application exactly to your needs, for advertisement, e-commerce, knowledge-base or other need.

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Hardware Development & Embedded programming

When things are going beyond the frame of the computers, there is always a need to monitor and control other electric / electronic devices, from control over a Production floor machine through the need to schedule timing of air conditioning / lighting system and all the way to create pro-active actions about temperature / humidity / noise and optical preferences.

This is where Hardware development and  Embedded programming of Micro-controllers and popular mini devices like Raspberry PI and Arduino comes in hand, providing the ability to monitor / change / alert and log every possible thing. Yahalom is specializing in creating embedded solutions with Microchip and Motorola Micro-controllers and to integrate the devices with every possible end like: Serial connection / BlueTooth / LAN to any far end system.


Algorithms development

With over 10 years of experience in development of complex algorithms of data serialization and randomization. Yahalom can add unique information to any project you may need including injection of specific well known check numbers like the USPS suffix and other predefined algorithms, to allow authentication, validation and tracking abilities. We will create the exact type of unique code according to the length, type, size and scope of data you need. wrap and arrange the data in any way needed to prepare it for print or attachment to you product or system. Special and sophisticated algorithms and data creation systems are built with their own unique software solution with different programming languages and systems like: Python | VB.NET C# Excel/VBA and more. In most cases the application will use a mediation and data collection mechanism of a database like: MS/SQL MySql SQlite MongoDB etc. Among many projects we have created data solution for are: Collection albums Postal labels and tags Tax labels | Pharmaceutical products Tobacco products Aviation industry

Sample Projects

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