Yahalom Software And Internet

About Yahalom Software

Yahalom was initially established as a code name of a cooperation between various IT Professionals in 2008 and officially established in 2017 and registered as a private company in Israel and afterwards in Russia.

Yahalom is a very special company, specializing in a wide range of professions in IT worlds.

Yahalom's main business is Software solutions, of wide variety and disciplines, but also acts as an integrator for many projects in IT and System world.

With Offices in:

  • Moscow / Russia

and in

  • Zikhron-Yaakov / Israel

Yahalom has the ability to assign the best manpower for your project, wherever it may be, whatever it may need.

The deep understanding of the needs of out clients, the work methods and preferences of the different markets, allow us to adjust the solution not only to the nature of the work, but also to the habits of the people using it.

Our experience and solutions we have implemented in wide range of disciplines like:

Hi-tech | Heavy Industry | Car Industry | Law Offices | Tourist Agencies | Insurance Companies | Construction Industry | It Support | Printing Industry | Security and more, give us the ability to create the exact solution to your needs.

In a world and industry constantly re-inventing themselves, Our most important asset is probably the chain of professionals we are collaborating with, to enrich our solution, exactly to your desire, we will collect the best forces, where needed, to achieve the best and most efficient solution based on out client's wildest dreams (in IT of course....)

In this web-site you can find our profile, fields of interest and samples of projects we have created.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question / inquiry / idea or help you may need:

or any other way
and we will do our best to assist.

Marvad Haksamim 228,
Zikhron Yaakov, 3092175
+972 50 5 830 630

Tsourupy 17,
Moscow, 117418
Russian Federation
+7 (985) 022 16 28