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Yahalom SynSign

This system is an end-to-end solution for digital signage in Synagogues, specially designed for synagogues with a non-hebrew speaking audience.


The system includes a Linux server, supports multiple clients / screens and themes.


Web-Based Content management system to handle all the customizable fields in the theme.


Many dynamic details to provide all the information needed for the crowd and for announcements in the synagogue.

The system was built and designed to retrieve online localized information, focusing on the interest of the audience of the synagogue.

There are 3 main types of boards:

  • (S) Static - built in standard board.
  • (W) Web-based - dynamically updated from the internet.
  • (C) Customized - managed by a local referent.

Among available boards:

  • (S) Gregorian date
  • (W) Hebrew date (He\En\Ru\Es\Fr)
  • (S) Clock
  • (W) Hebrew day times.
  • (W) Halacha Times
  • (C) Announcements board
  • (C) Events board
  • (C) Deceased memorial board
  • (W) Weather widget
  • (C) Prayers board

any many more customized boards.

Yahalom SynSign basic version includes 8 predefined templates.

Based onĀ 

Xibo Digital Signage


Yahalom has developed a unique mobile application, designed to manage Synsign (and other Xibo based solutions) - see YMAX

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