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YMT - Yahalom Monitoring Tool

As referred by it's name, YMT is a tool that helps everyone monitor systems in their local network and in the internet.

Yahalom is aware of the fact that there are endless monitoring solutions which can be found everywhere on the web.

With experience in many monitoring tools, we have realized that all the majority of the tools are very complicated to implement and use, a monitoring tool will usually require to install

  • A database behind the scenes
  • A web server
  • Container based system
  • Agents in the targets (sometime)
  • Very sophisticated settings


YMT is trying to give the user the EASIEST user experience to monitor and track various targets, an installation package that includes everything you may need to run it, in one spot, as a very lightweight and small executable, running in the background of your windows operating system.

YMT installation and implementation requires no prior knowledge in Networking or System, every user, even one who never used a computer professionally, will be able to install and get going with the tool in a matter of 3 minutes.

This user manual has all the needed information about the tool, everything you need to know in order to make the most of the application, and explains in details every single object in the tool, even the most obvious.

-- Download Evaluation version (v1.0.10) (Inactive)

-- Download the User Manual


And much more yet to come.... stay tuned.

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