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YRSC - Yahalom Roll Sizes Calculator


YRSC is a set of calculators for all types of rolls.

YRSC has 4 types of calculators:

  • Calculate Roll Length by Size
  • Calculate Roll Size by length of raw materials
  • Calculate quantity of labels by sizes of roll
  • Calculate size of roll by the size and quantity of labels

Available free for Android and iPhone

YRSC allows to save calculations.

  • The calculations are saved locally on the phone
  • Saved calculators can be deleted and shared 

YRSC has 2 display modes:

  • Light Mode: light yellow background
  • Dark Mode: dark grey background

YRSC offers multilingual display in 5 languages:

  • Hebrew (RTL)
  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Arabic (RTL)

All settings can be changed through the Info page.


Privacy Policy (AppStore and PlayStore):

  • YRSC is completely free, and will always be free of charge.
  • No Payments needed whatsoever.
  • Do not be tempted to pay any usage fees for the app, just download and enjoy.
  • YRSC is working offline, Does not require internet connection to function properly.
  • YRSC does not collect any personal information
  • YRSC does not require any special rights to work.

More information coming soon, including a user manual and a video tutorial .......

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