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YVMS - Yahalom's Visitors' Management System

למעבר לדף YVMS בעברית לחץ כאן

YVMS is a unique cloud-based Visitors management system for your organization.

The system, defined and offered as a service (SaaS), running on mobile device with a printer and managed using a web based management environment.


YVMS is built with a multilingual interface, including comprehensive LTR/RTL support, currently supported languages are English, Russian and Hebrew, more coming soon.....


The app, designed for Android tablets/IPAD and a Label Bluetooth Printer, is the visitors front-end solution, handling:

Visitors arrival:

Upon arrival to your organization, the visitor will be requested to:

  • Read a set of instructions and approve.
  • Fill in basic personal information (Name/Destination).
  • Sign his hand signature on the tablet.

The printer will then print a Visitor's Label, for the visitor to carry during his stay,

The system will create a new visit and mark it as "Active".

Visitors Leave:

Before leaving, the visitor will be asked to :

  • Scan the barcode on the Visitor's Label.
  • Confirm leave.

The system will respond with an on screen notification and will update the visit as "Closed".


Under the hood, the system has a very wide reporting and administration mechanism in the mobile device and on a web-application to allow an admin to:

  • Modify and adjust every aspect of the app, the label and the procedure.
  • Monitor the activity of the app and the visitors
  • Recover any detail of any visitor.

The application uses a cloud based server, with on-line secure and private database.

YVMS is offered as SaaS and delivered in variety of service packages, according to amount of visitors per month, all the back-end data and functionality is unlimited and free of charge for all registered clients.

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