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MeSyMa - Your synagogue in your palm

MeSyMa is a very special mobile application for Android and iPhone.

MeSyMa is multilingual and currently supports:

  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Russian

Beside the basic information it contains, including:

  • Tehilim reading chapters
  • Sidur
  • Songs (Zemirot)

and other useful information,

MeSyMa allows you to create a social network for your synagogue / community, everywhere!




By joining MeSyMa, you will have access to everything you may need to participate in the synagogue's social network.

When logging on to your synagogue, you will gain access to:

  • Prayers times in your synagogue.
  • Classes times in your synagogue.
  • Week times and "Parashat Hashavua" for your synagogue.
  • Announcements of your synagogue.
  • Events in your community.
  • Memorial wall of your community.
  • Speeches of your Rabi.
  • Interesting videos for your community.

and much more.....

  • All the information added to a synagogue in MeSyMa is available only to the registered members of that synagogue only.
  • Every synagogue registered in MeSyMa has a unique access passcode.
  • Joining a specific synagogue requires the passcode of the synagogue.
  • Once registeres and logged on to a synagogue , you will automatically signin to the synagogue, until logged out or changed a synagogue.
  • Every registered member of MeSyMa can roam between synagogues, as long as he has a passcode.
  • Every synagogue has one or more "supervisor".
  • Every member of the synagogue can request to add any type of information to any of the above sections.
  • Every registered member in MeSyMa can request "supervisor" permission from a current supervisor.
  • The supervisor can approve / reject any request of any member of the synagogue.
  • The supervisor can add/edit/delete any information of the synagogue.
  • List of registered synagogues in MeSyMa can be found in the registration form.
  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can request to add his synagogue/community to MeSyMa by simply filling the form in the app.



Privacy policy:

  • Although the application allows to connect with Google Sign-in / Facebook Sign-in , it does not collect any information from the account , other than the name and email of the account.
  • All the information collected in the application remains confidential and will never be used / sold / transferred to any¬† purpose other than the application itself

Terms of service:

  • Download and installation of the app is completely free , anyone can run it to use the public free information.
  • All the synagogue based of the application required to be subscribed to the system and to the synagogue.

In development stage,
Soon in the application stores

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