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MeSyMa - Your Synagogue in your palm

MeSyMa is a very special Social network for Synagogues.

MeSyMa is multilingual and currently supports:

  • Hebrew
  • English
  • Russian

Beside the basic information it contains, including:

  • Tehilim reading chapters
  • Sidur
  • Songs (Zemirot)

and other useful information,

MeSyMa allows you to create a social network for your synagogue / community, everywhere!



By joining MeSyMa, you will have access to everything you may need to participate in the synagogue's social network.

When logging on to your synagogue, you will gain access to:

  • Prayers times in your synagogue.
  • Classes times in your synagogue.
  • Week times and "Parashat Hashavua" for your synagogue.
  • Announcements of your synagogue.
  • Events in your community.
  • Memorial wall of your community.
  • Speeches of your Rabi.
  • Interesting videos for your community.

and much more.....

MeSyMa - Social network for synagogues

About the Application

  • All the information added to a synagogue in MeSyMa is available only to the registered members of that synagogue only.
  • Every synagogue registered in MeSyMa has a unique access passcode.
  • Joining a specific synagogue requires the passcode of the synagogue.
  • Once registeres and logged on to a synagogue , you will automatically signin to the synagogue, until logged out or changed a synagogue.
  • Every registered member of MeSyMa can roam between synagogues, as long as he has a passcode.
  • Every synagogue has one or more "supervisor".
  • Every member of the synagogue can request to add any type of information to any of the above sections.
  • Every registered member in MeSyMa can request "supervisor" permission from a current supervisor.
  • The supervisor can approve / reject any request of any member of the synagogue.
  • The supervisor can add/edit/delete any information of the synagogue.
  • List of registered synagogues in MeSyMa can be found in the registration form.
  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can request to add his synagogue/community to MeSyMa by simply filling the form in the app.



Public Content

MeSyMa has a basic interface with alot of useful information for unregistered visitors,

When not logged-on to a community, anyone can use basic information like:

  • A full Sidur, arranged by Prayers and holidays
  • A full Tehilim, arranged by Chapters , By Reading in weekly or monthly traditions and Tikun Klali
Off03 - sidur


MeSyMa has a basic interface with alot of useful information for unregistered visitors,

When not logged-on to a community, anyone can use basic information like:

  • A full Sidur, arranged by Prayers and holidays
  • A full Tehilim, arranged by Chapters , By Reading in weekly or monthly traditions and Tikun Klali

Any Visitor of the application can:

  • File a request to add a synagogue to the system.
  • Login to a free sandbox synagogue, created and maintained by MeSyMa Support team, and demonstrates the capabilities of the system.

General information

There is also alot of information about the app and the functionality.

Off02-info03-all syn info
Off02-info04-add and sandbox

But when you sign-up or login to MeSyMa, That's where the really story unfolds!

Once joining, a users gets access to all the information relevant to the community and to the synagogue

Every user account in MeSyMa is connected to a community, selected while registering and can be changed by the user at any time, using community's unique access code.


Community Information

In the Environment of the community, a member can find useful information about the synagogue and the community, like:

  • The Halacha Times of the day, according to the location of the Synagogue, community center.
  • The Prayers  Times of the synagogue, as defined by the representatives of the community, with permissions to change details in the app.
  • Tapping on a prayer time, shows other synagogues in the area and their time of the prayer

(more on this below....)

  • Community Events: any event of the community, added by the representative or requested by a member of the community
  • Community Announcements: messages sent through the system to all the members of the community, through a dedicated page, an announcement can be added by a representative or be filed by any member and pend approval by a representative.
  • Illness board: announcements of ill members of the community or their ralatives, subject to healing prayer.
  • Memorial Wall: for those who has passed and will always stay in our heart.
  • Speech (Drasha): A Drasha written by a member of the community.
  • Videos: A Video added by a representative or a member of the community
  • Every Video can be created as Private/Public.
  • Public videos are visible to all communities in MeSyMa.

Torah Callup Auction System

MeSyMa includes a built in fully functional auctions system for assignment of Torah callups (For Shabat Shakharit prayer) for all the members of the community.

The Auction is active between Sunday afternoon and Friday noon (6 hours before Shabat)

Every member of the community can place a bid for any available callup or to over-bid someone else's callup bid.

The representative of the community can block/assign or add additional callups. beyond 8 basic callups for every Shabat.



Every community in MeSyMa has 2 roles of users:

  • a Member:
    • allowed to access all the data of the community.
    • allowed to request to add any type of information to the pages of the community.
  • a Representative (Usually the Rabbi or Shliakh Tzibur)
    • Can Add/Modify/Delete any information in the pages of the community.
    • Can accept members' request to add data to the community pages.
    • Can Promote any member to a represantative level (number of reps per community is members/25 + 1)

Terms Of Service

  • Download and installation of the app is completely free , anyone can run it to use the public free information.
  • All the synagogue based of the application required to be subscribed to the system and to the synagogue.

Privacy Policy

  • Although the application allows to connect with Google Sign-in / Facebook Sign-in , it does not collect any information from the account , other than the name and email of the account.
  • All the information collected in the application remains confidential and will never be used / sold / transferred to any  purpose other than the application itself

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