Windows Policy AutoLock

This page explains how to configure Auto Lock of computers in domain environment

  • Open the group policy management in a domain controller
    • You can select the Domain Default policy or for an OU you want to apply the policy on.
    • If the OU you want to apply the policy on does not have policy, you can create one for it.
  • Right-click the Policy and select ‘Edit’

The Group Policy Management Editor windows will open.

Step 1: Configure Screen Saver settings

  • Go to:
    • User Configuration
    • Policies
    • Administrative Templates
    • Control Panel
    • Personalization
  • in the right panel change:
    • Enable screen saver to Enabled
    • Password protect screen saver to Enabled
    • Screen saver time out to desired time in seconds
    • OptionalForce specific screen saver to The name of the screen aver you want to use

Step 2: Configure Security Policy

  • Go To:
    • Computer Configuration
    • Policies
    • Windows Settings
    • Security Settings
    • Local Policies
    • Security Options
  • In the right panel change
    • Interactive logon: Machine inactivity limit to Time In Seconds

Step 3: Apply and commit changes

  • Open command prompt as administrator
  • Type in
    gpupdate /force


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